5 new Swiss Ammo strap 1927 to 1966 – 286 Years of Combined History!!

The Key Chains:

(Click to enlarge any photo)

Hi strap lovers, here are some photos of 5 newly minted Dangerous9 Swiss Ammo straps just completed for a 5 different customers, and since I completed them all this week and was photographing them all to send out the completed strap slide shows to their respective owners, I figured I would take some group shots to share with you all. The new owners of these straps are: Aaron, Brent, Brandon (each with their own PAM382 – Oh the envy;-), Doug – for his vintage Breitling Super Ocean and Richard for his Sinn U1 SDR.

I do hope to have the opportunity to feature each of their respective watches on my blog if I’m lucky enough to be provided photos of their watches mounted up to their new Dangerous9 Swiss Ammo straps.

Aaron’s 1950 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM382:
Brent’s 1927 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM382:
Brandon’s 1966 Swiss Ammo strap for PAM382:
Doug’s 1966 Swiss Ammo strap for Vintage Breitling Super Ocean:
Richard’s 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for Sinn U1 SDR:

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