The Benefits of Bespoke – Vintage Patek Philippe on Tourbe Brune Alligator

Hi strap lovers,
I’m very to share these photos I took of Eric’s vintage 18K gold Patek Philippe on newly completed Tourbe Brune Alligator watch strap.  This strap is a very thin and minimalist strap with no stitching which gives it a very clean finish.  However, just because it’s very thin does not mean that it can’t be very strong, which is why I’ve given this strap like all our ultra thin straps a vegetable tanned Kangaroo leather mid-layer (this is commonly considered the world’s strongest leather). I wanted to give Eric a super cool lining, so I opted for our exclusive SuperMatte Teju Lizard which is both very soft on the wrist and super moisture repellent (essentially waterproof) and just look very cool as well.  Overall I think this project turned our really great and I’m looking forward to seeing Eric’s reaction.

(Even the back of this vintage Patek buckle is very cool!)

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