Black Alligator Strap for Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner has been a perennial favorite among watch lovers and collectors for many generations.  Its iconic design is the benchmark against all sports dive watches are judged.  Of course, the Oyster bracelet has become Iconic as well in the process, even though, until the latest generations of Submariner, even diehard Rolex fans have to admit that ‘flimsy’ would be a fair description for the earlier version of the bracelet and clasp.  None the less, the Rolex Sub on a bracelet does seem to go together like, the great Frank Sinatra sings, ‘a horse and carriage’.  But what happens when the Submariner owner wants to spice things up in the relationship?  What options does one have?  Look no further than Dangerous9straps.  We offer a myriad of strap options for all generations of Rolex Submariner from early vintage all the way to the latest Ceramic sub.  And if you are hesitant to divorce yourself from the Rolex Bracelet completely, I can build your strap to fit your OEM bracelet clasp as well.  Of course, many of our clients prefer to take a full brake and wear their Dangerous9strap with on or the range of ‘D9’ logo pin buckles or Aftermarket clasps.

Rolex Sub on Martinique Bleu Alligator strap with integrated fit

Our most popular materials are even available in a limited selection of pre-made Manufacture Collection straps designed specifically with Rolex watches in mind on our webshop: Dangerous9straps for Rolex

However, for those who desire a very special watch strap for their beloved Rolex Submariner, a fully custom is the way forward.  While our production straps are made with the same care and using the very same materials and hand saddle stitching that we use on our bespoke straps, we can offer full customization of every individual feature such as lining leather, and stitching color in order to make your strap entirely unique.  Additionally your unique build features such as our ‘Thick Curved Lug System’ (TCLS), which offers and integrated fit between the lugs, bund underlayments, etc. are not currently possible with our production straps.  Although for instance if you order one of our Manufacture straps, I can often build a special bund underlayment using the same material, as I often have these same materials in stock to make custom straps.

Big Rolex Submariner slide show:

Here are some photo of straps which I have completed for the Rolex Sub.  Of course, due to space limitations, this is only a sampling of some of my favorits:

Click on any photo to enlarge and click through the slide shoow: