Swiss Ammo Pouches

‘Swiss Ammo Straps’, as the name implies are made from leather salvaged from Swiss Army Ammunition pouches.  The manufacture of these pouches were ordered by the Swiss military from between about the 1890s through the 1960s and were contracted from Swiss saddlers throughout Switzerland.  The stamping show on the straps are the original maker and date stamping of the Swiss saddlers that made the pouches and a small stamping with a Swiss cross, which is Swiss government inspection stamp.
All our  Swiss ammo straps are bespoke made from the pouch as chosen by my customer from my current stock of pouches.  I currently have a very nice selection of Swiss Ammo pouches from which to choose. Here is a slideshow of some of my recently completed Swiss Ammo straps: Swiss Ammo straps for your review.  Additionally, all Swiss Ammo straps made from Pouch backs with stampings will come with a complimentary keychain made from the center belt loop of your ammo pouch.

1960s Swiss Ammo Pouches in Current Stock:

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