Tripon Kidskin from Monterrey

Hi strap lovers.  As you know if you follow us at Dangerous9straps, we love to collect new materials to keep things fresh.  One of the things we’re proud to have pioneered in the use of colorful and exotic leathers for our strap linings.  I just love the flash of color you get while putting on and taking off my watch.  It’s just a like luxury that brings a spark of joy every time I wear one of my straps with a special lining.  And while no one else may even know about it, to me it’s a private luxury that brings a little bit of happiness to my life.  And let’s be honest, we can all use a little extra joy in our lives.  To this end, we have been offering beautiful Kidskin leathers to our ever-growing lineup of color full leather lining options to keep those little sparks of joy coming:-).  Tanned in Monterrey Mexico, these beautiful leather are of the finest quality, beautifully tanned and dyed in a wonderful variety of textures and colors for your custom watch strap pleasure.

Our standard lining is a natural light Tan/beige Kidskin:


Classic Tan:

Commando Grey:

Baltic Blue:

Hot Pink:

Dino Red:

Arctic Blue:

Pale Lilac:



Racing Yellow:

Deep Grey:

Blaze Orange:



Vintage Mustang:

Black Grain:

Mustang Saddle:

Red Hot:


Lime Pop:

Bavarian Blue:

Natural Light Tan Beige (our standard lining):


Storm Blue: