M.O.T. – Made to Order: [made to order page]

One of the most exciting elements of our new Manufacture straps is the introduction of our Made To Order concept.  These straps are designed by me and sold on a limited edition, pre-order basis.

A Made To Order Group is a new & very dynamic way to offer you a wider range of possibilities. We have created this system to be able to meet your needs of a wider range of possibilities.
This system is based in the crowd-sourcing method, where you decide what items move on to production and what doesn’t.
Customers support the new item, once the number of units supported reaches the campaign goal, the item is successfully funded and we start the production.​
Made To Order groups are all-or-nothing, if the 100% of the goal is not reached, the item won’t go into production and all the deposits will be refunded.​

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