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Introduction of our Manufacture Collection Concept:

As many of our dear customers are aware, our bespoke strap order ​backlog has been growing longer and longer over the past couple of years (currently it stands at 11-15 weeks!).  My hope is that by having some of our most popular straps made for us to order, those of you who want a Dangerous9strap, but don’t necessarily need to have every last detail of a bespoke design will find the straps from our Manufacture Collection a really exciting alternative.  While I won’t be personally building these straps, this will not mean that we will be compromising in any way on the qualities that are the hallmarks of Dangerous9straps.
​We have been working for nearly 3 years with our Italian manufacture partners to design and build straps to the very same high standards as the fully bespoke straps, which are made entirely be hand by myself here in Germany.​

Design and build criteria and mission statement for Manufacture series straps:

Dangerous9straps‘ Manufacture Collection will:
*  Be built from the very same materials we offer in our fully bespoke straps – this includes the highest quality leathers and exotic skins from our American Alligator, Teju Lizard, Ostrich Leg skin, ‘Outback’ Kangaroo, and Safari Leather Collections.
*  Be built with the same Vegetable tanned leather mid-layer and padding which provides the same strength and durability as our bespoke straps made by yours truly.
*  Be Built with all handmade construction including hand saddle stitching throughout using the same highest quality French milled Fil Au Chinois Cablé linen Thread as we use on our bespoke straps.
*  Use the same unique, soft and durable lining leathers as are available on our bespoke straps including the finest leathers from our Tripon Kidskin and ‘Outback’ Kangaroo Collections.
*  The Manufacture Collection straps must be indistinguishable from a strap that I personally made.  This in one of the most exciting things about the initial straps we have gotten back from our Italian manufacture partners – these straps are so close to the prototype straps I had originally made and shipped to them as samples, that I was at pains to tell the difference!
* Made to fit wide variety of styles and sized to fit many wrist sizes and most popular watch brands such as Panerai, Rolex, Omega, Breitling with lug widths from 20 to 26mm, we hope that the Manufacture Collection will fit most of the most in demand strap sized from many other watch brands as well.

Of course, there will be trade-offs in terms of absolute variety of possible olor combinations.  Our fully bespoke offerings quite literally make thousands of combinations possible, which won’t be possible with our Manufacture Collection.  Also some of our unique upgrades such as our ‘Thick Curved Lug System’ (TCLS) and our Fully Integrated Fit (FIF) upgrades won’t be possible (at least initially) in our Manufacture collection.  However, the pricing for our Manufacture straps will be considerable more competitive.  This represents a big saving for those customers that can forgo me personally building your strap or don’t necessarily need a very rare color combo or a build upgrade that is not possible in our Manufacture Collection.  The most exciting benefit of our Manufacture series strap​s will be that our wait time will be much, much​ faster – we hope to have expect to be able to shipped the straps listed for sale within 10 days, so our overlong wait time will be eliminated entirely!!

If after having reviewed the straps on this website, you don’t find a strap made to the correct size or material combination or if you want design elements that are not featured on our Manufacture series straps, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

info@dangerous9straps.com.  I will be happy to work with you personally to design and build a bespoke strap that you will love.  ​


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