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These straps have been designed specifically to compliment Panerai watches, but will look great on many other brand watches that accept a larger 24 or 26mm strap.

Materials – Using the very best materials inside and out, Dangerous9straps are made from only the very best quality leathers and exotic skins and threads available.  Nothing goes inside of a Dangerous9strap that I wouldn’t be proud to have on the outside.  We use only vegetable tanned leather mid-layers and padding layers (unlike most manufactured straps).  These are the very same expensive, high quality leathers we use to build our bespoke leather straps.  This guarantees our straps will be solidly built and with proper care, last for many years.  All Dangerous9straps are hand saddle stitched using the finest French milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread.

Beautiful and Exotic linings – We believe the luxury of a Dangerous9 watch strap should extend all the way to the lining.  And that the luxury is also what’s on the inside – even if no one else knows it’s there – you’ll know.  The smoothness of Tripon Monterrey Kidskin or the soft comfort of our Australian Kangaroo Gloving leathers, sometimes offering a flash of color as you put your watch on can be as impactful as the beautiful leather on the outside. These lining leathers are perfectly matched to the outside strap leather and have been carefully selected to provide a private luxury experience that is the essence of a Dangerous9strap.

All our straps for Panerai can be fitted with lug tubes upon your request for no additional cost.  Of course, no lug tubes are necessary if you’ll be fitting these straps to a wired lug Radiomir Panerai watch.  Additionally, if you prefer to have your strap fitted with Spring bars instead, please let us know and we will be happy to install those, However, please bear in mind that our spring bars will NOT fit the latest Panerai watches designed to fit only specially designed Panerai spring bars.  Also, if your strap has lug tubes installed, and you wish to use it on another watch that takes spring bars, be sure to remove these before installing on a spring bar watch or you will not be able to access the spring bar to remove the strap!!

Technical data: 

Strap Widths: 

Lug Width: 24mm, buckle width: 22mm

Lug Width: 24mm, buckle width: 24mm

Lug Width: 26mm, buckle width: 24mm

Our lug tubes are either 24 or 26mm and will fit all 1.7mm Panerai lugs bars.


22mm, Pre-V style Screw-in buckle – brushed or polished finish

24mm, Pre-V style Screw-in buckle – brushed, polished or Matte PVD finish.

Buckle Holes: 

All of our Panerai straps have holes punched as follows:

Short (115/75mm):      6 x 4mm, 7mm apart on center; first hole at 45mm from lug end.

Medium (125/80mm): 6 x 4mm, 7mm apart on center; first hole at 50mm from lug end.

Long (135/85mm):     6 x 4mm, 7mm apart on center; first hole at 60mm from lug end.

Our 24 or 26mm spring bars are 1.78mm in thickness and will fit most watches that require spring bar attachments, however, they will NOT fit the latest model Panerai watches that use specially designed Panerai spring bars.

Please note: None of our current Panerai straps are designed to work with the Panerai OEM deployant clasp, as these require the straps to be very thin (less than 2mm thick) at the deployant interface


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