Rare & Massive Handmade Coin Buckles

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Rare and Massive Handmade Coin Buckles 

We are happy to share a small batch of massive handmade buckles with inset coins made by former Maddog Straps. Maddog of Austria is sadly not around anymore. These buckles come in 22, 24, and 26mm width and they are about 5mm in thickness and weigh between 25 and 27grams – truly massive.

Milled from solid stainless steel or solid bronze, and inset with either vintage US Indian Head nickle coins or Swiss 2 Rappen copper coins showing the Swiss Cross (the Swissmint started issuing these 0.02 coins in 1948. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1974.) These buckles are beautifully made by Thies of former Maddog, extremely unique and of course the very last of their kind.


These buckles will pair perfectly with our Swiss Ammo straps on of course are ideally paired with larger watches such as Panerai, Kaventsmann, Vingate VDB and H20/Helberg watches, etc.



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22mm, 24mm, 26mm


Stainless Steel with Swiss Cross, Stainless Steel with Indian Head, Bronze with Swiss Cross

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