Along with a vast assortment of materials from which we can build your strap, we also offer a wide selection of buckles and deployant clasp in a variety of sized.  Of course, in most instances, if you prefer to use your original OEM buckle or clasp, I am happy to build your strap to fit for no additional charge.  Typically in order to fit your original Buckle, I will need the strap width specification of your buckle as well as the width of the Tang and its means of attachment.  If you wish to use your OEM deployant clasp, I will also need the strap thickness limitation if any that you will need to fit the strap through your clasp.  We have a great deal of experience with building to fit OEM and aftermarket buckles and clasps and have built straps to fit the most common designs and to fit most brands, but sometimes If I have not built a strap to fit your model clasp previously, I will need photos and details about how the strap attaches to the clasp.

Of course, if you prefer your strap without our logo, or in a different color finish such as Yellow Gold-tone, Rose Gold-tone, Black PVD finish, etc., please let me know as it is not a problem to source these for you.  One this we generally cannot source for you are buckles with watch brand logos such as Rolex, Omega, Breitling, etc. If you are looking for a Logo buckle to match your watch brand, I recommend contacting your local Authorized dealer or trusted on-line source:

D9‘ Logo Buckles in stock:

Pin Buckles:

We stock these buckles in 18 and 20mm width and with your choice of brushed or Polished finish and featuring out ‘D9‘ logo, which many of our customers really love.  These have 2mm width pin style tang, which is nice for smaller watch staps to avoid the necessity of punch large holes in a narrow strap.

D9‘ Logo Pre-V style Buckle with screw-in attachment:

These are the first buckles I had manufacture for our custom straps are they are still some of our most requested.  I offer these in a variety of 22, 24 and 26mm and finish, however, if you would like this style buckle without our logo or in a finish or metal that I don’t stock, please let me know, as I can often source these for you without our ‘D9‘ logo:

Polished finish ‘D9‘ logo buckle is currently available in 24 and 26mm widths:

Brushed finish ‘D9‘ logo buckle is currently available in 22 and 24mm widths:

Matte Black PVD finish ‘D9‘ logo buckle is currently available in 24mm width:

Brushed finish Black PVD ‘D9‘ logo buckle is currently available in 26mm width only:


D9‘ logo Vintage Style Sewn-in buckle:

We designed the buckles to give your strap a vintage style and feel.  The buckles are super high quality, being over 3mm thick and quite massive so, if you are looking to make a bold statement, it would be a great choice for your 24 and 26mm width strap.  I also stock some of these buckles without logos, it that is your preference, please ask about availability:

Non-Logo version sewn-in buckle:

D9‘ Logo Brushed finish Vintage Style Sewn-in buckle:

Currently available in 24 and 26mm width:

D9‘ Logo Polished finish Vintage Style Sewn-in buckle:

Currently available in 26mm widths only and in 24mm width without out logo:

Non-Logo version buckle:

Matte PVD finish, Vintage Style, Sewn-in buckle:

This Buckle is available in the non-logo version only at this time:

Additionally, if you like, I can give this buckle a vintaged brushed PVD finish:

24mm ‘D9‘ Logo Bronze ‘Knife-edge’ style Buckles:

These buckles have been hand made for us and are massive at over 5mm in thickness, and since they are handmade have a very vintage feel. While having a massive look, these buckles have a substantial cut-out on the underside, which offers the benefit of allowing the buckle to sit more flush to the wrist than would otherwise be possible with such a massively thick buckle:

Made from Aluminum-Bronze (similar to the alloy used by Tudor and Anonimo for their bronze watch cases), they will not patina in the same way as the more commonly used CuSn8 alloy used  Panerai, Kaventsmann, IWC, etc.  These buckles are available in Brushed, Polished and tumbled finish.  These buckles are currently available only in 24mm width.

Brushed finish ‘D9‘ Logo Bronze:

Polished finish ‘D9‘ Logo Bronze:

Tumbled finish ‘D9‘ Logo Bronze: