Outback Collection Kangaroo Leathers In Stock

Kangaroo due to its biological cell structure is the strongest leather in the world and one which is prised for it’s beauty and durability.  So much so that went strong leather with very high tensile strength is required, Kangaroo leather in the first choice among leather goods craftsmen and manufacturers.  Our Kangaroo leathers are thin, incredibly soft, extremely durable, and beautifully tanned making them ideal for both the outside of straps and especially for use as linings.

Motorcycle Gloving leathers:

These leathers are all beautiful and rival our French Lambskin for softness (seriously I’m talking buttery softness here!!) while at the same time being much stronger and more durable than either cow’s leather or lambskin. These  ‘Gloving’ leathers are tanned to be the softest most supple leathers available.  And since they are design and tanned for using in motorcycle racing gloves are tanned to be safe against the skin as well. These leathers are designed for use in motorcycle gloves and have been engineered to be both incredibly soft and to be extremely moisture tolerant, This means that even after repeated wet/drying cycles the leather will not become stiff or brittle (this is ultimately the reason most straps will fail over time).  Of course, the Ivory will darken over time with wear, but it also allows me to offer a custom dyed lining leather option in Kangaroo!

Clone Pattern Black:

Motorcycle Black:

Motorcycle Chocolate:

Clone Pattern Ivory:

‘Outback’ Grian Nubuck:

These leathers are beautifully tanned and finish in a grain Nubuck (suede) finish which is suitable for both the outside of the strap as well as for use as a lining leather

Outback Carbon Nubuck:

Outback Brown Nubuck:

Incas Vegetable Tanned:

Our Incas Kangaroo was a find that we were extremely excited about.  These leathers have been vegetable tanned and feature an incredibly rich hand-rubbed dyed and waxed finish, which is suitable for the outside of a strap but can also be used as a lining leather as well.

We Currently also stock straps made from Incas Mahogany (22mm lug width) and Incas Tan (20mm lug width) in our webshop as Watch and Strap Travel Rolls in all three colors!

Incas Mahogany:

Incas Black:

Incas Tan:

Embossed Epi and Lizard Grain Pattern:

These Ebosse patter hides in both Epi and Lizard are extremely strong and durable and are perfect for both the outside of straps and as lining leathers.  We currently offer each in Dark Brown and Black.

Black Lizard Embossed:

Brown Lizard Embossed:

Black Epi Embossed:

Shrunken Grain Kangaroo:

These leathers have been treated during the tanning process by baking the leathers in order to shrink the grain which gives these leathers a great texture.  These are suitable for both the outside and for use as strap linings.

Espresso Shrunken Grain:

Ebony Shrunken Grain:

Whiskey Shrunken Grain:

Colors Kangaroo:

These colorful hides have been specially tanned  to be extremely resistant to moisture and so far I have had nothing but great feedback from all three of thee options.

Red Kangaroo:

Sand Kangaroo:

Pink Kangaroo:

Straps Made of Kangaroo from ‘Outback Collection’