I term ‘Very Old’ (the 1940s and 1950s) and ‘Ancient’ Swiss Ammo Pouches (1930s) and are of Swiss and range broadly from 1950 back to 1930.  I have been also seeking out Swiss Ammo pouches that are even older, these are what I call ‘Very Rare and Ancient’ pouches Clearly, these pouches are old, some of them are exceptionally so.  And as you might expect are priced accordingly (after all they are 80 to well more than 100 years old).  The color of these pouches tend from the medium mahogany to very chocolate brown.  Please note: the lighter colored pouches from this group will tend to darken when I condition the leather during the strap making process.  The leather from these pouches also make very rare and fine straps.

To view a selection of some of the many hundreds of watch straps I have made over the years from Swiss Ammo pouches, please follow this link: Swiss Ammo straps made by Dangerous9straps

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You can also read a bit more about my custom Swiss Ammo straps by Dangerous9straps in the online magazine Gear Patrol

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Pre-1960’s (1930s through 1950s) Swiss Ammo Pouches in Stock:

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Very Rare and Ancient Swiss Ammo Pouch 1890s through 1920s (Private Reserve Pouches):

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