Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
From the Top: Deep Red, Bavarian Blue, Cameron Blue, Deep Navy, High vis. Neon Yellow, Racing Yellow, Pearl White, and Pylon Orange
Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
From Top: Pearl White, Pylon Orange, Racing Yellow, Cameron Blue, Bavarian Blue, and Deep Navy
Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
From Top: Deep Red, High Vis Neon Yellow, Pearl White, and Pylon Orange


Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers


Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Just added – Lime Nappa Kangaroo!

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers for highly colorful and extremely durable linings.  One of the features of Dangerous9straps are the great lining leathers (and more recently Alcantara™ sueded fabrics).  We are always on the hunt for supremely durable lining leathers in great colors to add sizzle to our custom strap options and I think that we have hit a home run with our newest collection of Kangaroo leather options.  Now available in 10 great colors!  Kangaroo leather is renowned as the strongest leather ounce per ounce and these leathers are certainly no exception.  I fully expect the watch straps incorporating these leathers with proper care to provide many years of service.

These great new color options in Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers are not only great to add a unique pop of color to your custom strap, but they are also exceedingly durable having been engineered for use in GP Motorcycle racing suits, Marine and automotive environments, where hard-wearing durability is key.  We are super pumped to add these leather lining options to our ever-growing lining material options:  Kangaroo Gloving leathers, Alcantara™ sueded fabrics from Italy, Tripon Kidskin, as well as our super exclusive SuperExotica options.

Of course, just because I have assembled this collection with the intention of offering these as linings, I am certainly happy to offer them as the primary exterior leather of your custom strap as well:

Here is one that I made from our Black Nappa Kangaroo for a customer’s IWC Ingenieur that I think turned out great:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
IWV Ingenieur on Black Nappa Kangaroo

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers

Black Nappa Kangaroo:

Our most requested lining colors, this Nappa finish black Kangaroo will be the cornerstone of our collection without question.  This is actually a leather that I have had on offer for many years, but I now have a new collection in white it fits:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Black Nappa Kangaroo

Deep Red Nappa Kangaroo:

Red has been one of our most popular lining color options for many years and I have no doubt that this wonderfully finish Nappa leather option will do the same:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Deep Red Nappy Finished Kangaroo leather

Lime Green:

This is a great substitution for your no-longer-in-stock Lime-pop kidskin lining, be even better because like all our Nappa Kangaroo options are extremely durable:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Lime Green Nappa Kangaroo

‘Deepsea’ Green:

I got this color specifically to provide a very durable lining option for some of the many straps that I have made for the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue to match the green ‘Deepsea’ print on the dial.  I think it’s a great option:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
‘Deepsea’ Green Nappa Kangaroo


Racing Yellow Nappa Kangaroo:

We’ve offered Racing Yellow in our Kidskin Collection for many years, now here is a similar color with the benefit of extreme durability.

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Racing Yellow Nappa Kangaroo


Emergency Orange:

I’m super excited to offer this great Orange color to our Nappa Kangaroo offerings – this, thick all our Nappa finished Kangaroo leather will offer extreme durability as a lining leather:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Emergency Orange Nappa finish Kangaroo

A New Batch of Blue Options:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
From the Top: Cameron Blue, Bavarian Blue, and Deep Navy

Cameron Blue Nappa Kangaroo:

When I saw this color, I knew that it was going to be a great option for watches such as the Rolex Deepsea Cameron Edition and the Batman GMT, so I’ve named it thusly:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Cameron Blue Nappa Kangaroo

Bavarian Blue Nappa Kangaroo:

We have offered Bavarian Blue in our Tripon Kidskin Collection for many years and more recently our Alcantara Collection, now here is the upgraded extreme durability Kangaroo leather version:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Bavarian Blue Nappa Kangaroo

Deep Navy Nappa Kangaroo:

This newly arrived Deep Navy is the perfect dark blue without having any red/purple tones of which I am not a fan.  If you have a watch with a dark blue dial or bezel that you would like to match, this could be just the ticket:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Deep Navy Nappa Kangaroo


High Vis. Neon Yellow Nappa Kangaroo:

This eye-popping color is as unmistakable as it is unmissable.  In super-bright neon yellow with just a hint of lime green color – think the high visibility vests that are worn by highway construction workers.  This is a great option for those of us who are prone to putting down our watch and forgetting where we left it or for those who have never met a color too bold!  OK, this color doesn’t actually glow in the dark but….

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
High Vis. Neon Yellow


Pylon Orange Nappa Kangaroo:

Another unmissable in your face color.  I think that Porsche had this color as a paint option for a while in the 1960s and 70s, I recall my brother and I just thought that they were crazy.  But crazy like a fox because, no doubt, if you can find one of these rare automotive gems it would set you back no small fortune:

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Pylon Orange Nappy Kangaroo


Pearl White Nappa Kangaroo:

I’m always a bit reluctant to recommend white as a lining leather (we also stock a nice white in our Kidskin Collection), due to the almost guaranteed discoloration with exposure to any sweat and grime that can build up in the lining of a watch strap.  This might (and I want to emphasize ‘Might‘) be one exception to that rule.  The Nappa finish being much more impervious to moisture and sweat absorption, I’m thinking that this great-looking pure with a slightly pearlescent finish I think will prove much less susceptible to such insults.  (Testing is ongoing but I am hopeful).

Nappa Finished Kangaroo Leathers
Pear While Nappa Kangaroo


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