Excited to Announce the Arrival of Shell Cordovan Leather for the First Time!!

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Excited to Announce the Arrival of Shell Cordovan Leather for the First Time!!

Shell Cordovan Leather – On our latest visit to the Lineapelle Leather trade fair in Milan this past Spring, one of the items on our agenda was to finally nail down a source for Shell Cordovan that we really are proud to offer our customers.  I must admit that having seen many examples of Shell Cordovan over the years, I have never been that bowled over by this leather and had always thought that it was unjustifiably overblown by hype, especially given that the price can sometimes approach the cost of Alligator per centimeter.  But, after seeing the beautiful leathers pictured here, I’ve become a convert.
The Mahogany Shell has sold out!

The newest leather from our latest Italian Tannery supplier is also one of our most requested leathers. Shell Cordovan is famous for its wonderful waxy finish, depth of color, and excellent durability. Our new Shell Cordovan has been tanned for us in Northern Italy using age-old vegetable tanning leather techniques and a hand-rubbed finish to provide a depth of color that is unmatched by any other tannery.  The Quality of these leathers is incredibly good, and the colors and finishing are absolutely second to none.  Produced by a tannery with nearly 6 decades of tanning experience in a region with a centuries-long heritage of leather tanning.

Having considered Shell Cordovan leathers from other Italian Tanneries, as well as from the US, Japan, England, etc., these hides are the ones that Andrea and I fell in love with for the depth of color and for their beautiful hand-rubbed finishing. I hope these photos will show you why.

Shell Cordovan watch straps in Current stock on our Website:

We also stock a limited selection of pre-made Shell Cordovan watch straps made from the Mahogany that you see above in 20mm lug width on our webshop available for immediate purchase.  To browse these straps, please follow the link here: Espresso Shell Cordovan watch straps

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If you have an idea for a custom watch strap made from one of these excellent Shell Cordovan leathers of a custom watch strap made from any of the other top quality materials that we offer, please contact me by completing the contact form at the top of this page or simply e-mail me at Dangerous9straps@gmail.com to begin your design.  We would be very happy to hear from you.

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