Stitching Pattern Options for Your Custom Strap Pleasure:

In our never-ending efforts to build straps that are unique for our customers, we have developed and expertise for making straps with not just great combinations of materials and colors, but also a wide selection of stitching patterns in order to enhance the bespoke nature of our custom straps.  I think it important to stress here that every Dangerous9straps is hand-stitched (this includes straps from our Manufacture Collection available for immediate purchase on our Website shop).  I am happy to stitch your custom strap with a number of stitch patterns, including all standard stitching patterns below as well as any number of fancy stitch patterns such as Double Row stitching, Two Color Alternating stitching, Tribal stitching, etc.  In most cases, if you can dream it up, I can make it a reality for your custom strap.  We stock an incredibly wide selection of threads from which to stitch your strap, which you can view on our Thread options page.

Standard stitching Patterns:

It is important to note that I can make your strap is any of the below stitching patterns, although for straps with padding at the lugs for instance, I don’t recommend ‘Closed’, ‘Box’ and ‘Minimal’ stitching patterns shown below, mostly because I don’t recommend stitching up and over the padding:

Fancy Stitching Patterns:

In addition to the above, I am happy to offer the below fancy stitching patterns as well.  Additionally, if you have an idea for a stitching design that you would like for your strap which is not listed below, please let me know and I will be happy to let you know if I can make it a reality for you.

Double Row stitching:

This style can be done with a single color or is more commonly requested in two colors.

Single color Double Row Stitching


Two-Color, Double Row stitching

Two Color Alternating stitching:

This is a really great stitching pattern that I had been considering trying for a while and finally, I had a customer order for this Omega Tin-Tin Speedmaster.  I think it turned out really great.  Of course, any two colors will work for this:

Tribal Stitching:

This has become a very popular stitching pattern on straps for all sort of watches, but obviously lends a very casual vibe to your strap and can be done with greater of lesser contrasting color based upon your desired effect.

Tone on Tone Tribal stitching


Contrast Color Tribal stitching


IWC Inspired Pilot Strap Stitching Pattern:

This style stitching pattern is modeled off the IWC Big Pilot straps design and can be combined with or without Rivets at the lugs.  This, of course, is a great option of Pilot or other military-style watches and is also best combined with the IWC style strap shape with notched tapering and Mitered and double row stitched strap tip:

IWC Inspired Stitching Pattern with Rivets at the lugs


IWC Style Strap Shape and Stitching Pattern Without Rivets