Solomon’s Natural Leather strap for U-Boat Classico

Natural Leather strap for U-Boat Classico
Natural Leather Strap for U-Boat Classico

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Natural Leather Strap for U-Boat Classico:

Hi strap lovers, Natural Leather strap for U-Boat Classico – We here at Dangerous9straps are proud to offer straps in just about any exotic skin one can imagine as well as straps made form ‘TrueVintage‘ Ammo straps from Germany, Sweden, France, and Switzerland. But, it all started with just leather straps. And not just any leather either: we use only the very finest top grain vegetable tanned tooling leather. We build each strap by hand and then dye each individual strap to our customer’s request. We’ve developed extremely complex multiple stage staining and dying techniques that can make new leather look like it has been worn and lovingly cared for decades. Except when we don’t. And that’s exactly what we didn’t do for Solomon’s newly completed natural leather strap you see here. Yes, of course, it’s been completely hand build to his exact specifications using the thickest naturally tanned top grain leather, but as per Solomon’s request, we skipped the dye completely and let the beautiful leather shine through in all it’s creamy glory! The leather will darken and mellow slowly with light exposure and over the years turn to a beautiful vintage tan. Stitched with our heaviest cream-colored 7-ply, waxed Irish linen, it looks incredibly clean. Mounted with our upgrade vintage style, flat, 3mm thick, custom ‘D9’ logo, sewn-in buckle with a polished finish.  Because 23mm width buckles are not commercially available,  the buckle referenced in these photos is available in 24mm width and is an ideal combination with larger leather straps.  What I have done in this instance with the 23mm U-Boat watches is to build the strap to an overall with of 24mm and then just taper the strap slightly, right at the lugs in order to fit the strap into the 23mm lug width. I think this solution works very well, given this Large U-Boat watch the thick strap that it needs.  I think it looks stunning with Solomon’s U-Boat Classico

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If you would like me to build this strap for your U-Boat watch or any other watch, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away to begin your custom strap consultation.  You are always welcome to e-mail me at or simply click on the contact button at the to of this blog and complete the brief contact form and I will get back to you right away.  I would be happy to hear from you!

Natural Leather Strap for U-Boat Classico

Natural Leather Strap for U-Boat Classico

Natural Leather Strap for U-Boat Classico - squared strap end


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