Blue Shark for Kaventsmann Acropora (shown here on my Bathyal)

Hi strap lovers.  We had originally made this 3 layer Shark skin strap for my very good customer and friend Joe from Canada and founder of Medora Time’s (Kaventsmann’s official North American distributor) in white (undyed on the species) for one of his Panerai watches. But he decided to use it on his recently acquired Kaventsmann Acropora instead and asked that I dye the strap blue for him to match his Percula’s beep blue dial.  It turned out so nice, I couldn’t resist putting it on my own Kaventsmann Bathyal for a quick photo shoot before sending it off to the Great White North.  Thank you for your indulgence Joe and wear it well!  If you’re in North American and are interested in exploring the possibility of getting one of these awesome and extremely limited edition Kaventsmann watches for yourself, I encourage to you contact Joe at Medora Time.  You won’t be sorry you did!

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