1965 Swiss Ammo for U-Boat with Bronze Skulls

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Hi strap lovers.  Here is a strap we just completed for a really great customer’s U-Boat.  It’s a design that U-Boat issued with their Chimera watch, but I think a lot of watch owners dig the look and this style can be made from a number of different leather options, but seems to be more popular added to Swiss Ammo straps.  This example strap is made from a 1965 Swiss Ammo straps and features our thickest French Ecru Linen accent stitching to give it a bold look and of course these great bronze finished rivets.  This straps is for a U-Boat Flightdeck and is 24mm in width but cuts in to 23mm at the lugs to fit the Flightdeck.  Paired with our matte finish PVD ‘D9’ logo screw-in Pre-V style buckle I think it’s going to look great on Perry’s watch.

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