AP Diver on Cypress Ostrich Leg strap

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Custom Strap for Audemars Pigeut Diver:

Hi strap lovers.  Here is a Dangerous9strap that I recently completed for my very good customer for his Audemars Piguet Diver.  This custom watch strap was made with unique Cypress colored Ostrich Leg skin (so unique, I only had one of these skins in stock and it’s all sold out now). Featuring super fine hand saddle stitching with custom dyed matching linen and lined with soft and durable ‘Outback’ carbon nubuck grain kangaroo, I think this strap looks pretty cool on the AP Diver.  Of course I stock many other colors in Ostrich Leg skin, so if you would like to explore a fine and unique strap for your AP Diver or any other watch you love, please let me know.

Here is a slide show of my complete in-stock Ostrich leg skin collection currently available for your custom watch strap:

dangerousjohn's Ostrich Leg Skins album on Photobucket

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