Newly Arrived Swiss Ammo pouches for your custom straps!

Hi strap lovers.  I can’t believe that it has been a month since I’ve as made a post!  This you’ll understand is a direct result of my being so very busy and I do hope very much to do better in the coming months sharing some photos of the wonderful straps and customer watches that I am regularly receiving.  I do thank you and try if nothing else to post photos on my Instagram page.  Please be sure to follow me there!  In the meantime, I am going to post the latest batch of Swiss Ammo straps I have just received from our Swiss supplier.  These pouches tend to go fast, so if you see a pouch you would like for your custom strap project, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away.

Our Swiss Ammo pouches are broken into 2 basic categories: 1960’s Pouches.  These pouches are tagged with the letter ‘S’ and a number (i.e. S204) and Pre-1960’s (Dated 1950’s back to 1930’s).  These pouches are tagged with the letters ‘AS’ and a number (i.e. AS204)  I also keep a small selection of extremely old and rare pouches that date to between 1920 back to just before 1900 – these very rare and expensive pouches I keep in my private reserve and are only shown to customers upon request.  You’ll Notice 2 pouches below with numbers ending with ‘r’ will be among this collection (i.e. AS203r).

S204 – 1966
 S205 – 1967
S206 – 1963 (very rare date)
AS203r – 1903 – This pouch is extremely rare and special
AS205 – 1949
AS206 – 1931
AS207 – 1942
AS208 – 1944
AS209 – 1955
AS210r – 1924
AS211 1943
AS212 – 1943

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