SuperMatte Alligator with Fully Integrated Fit for Rolex Submariner is an instant classic

Hi strap lovers.  I am happy to share several photos of a recently completed strap for a vintage Rolex Submariner modeled here on a modern Rolex Submariner Ref. No. 114060.  This strap is handmade from our SuperMatte Carbon Black Alligator and features padding at the lugs and our exclusive ‘Fully Integrated Fit’ (FIF) option which not only offers and integrated fit between the lugs but also is notched bringing the width of the strap to the outside line of the lugs.  This gives the strap a much beefier look than a standard straight strap.  The strap then tapers back to 22mm at the buckle.  Super fine hand saddle stitched with the subtlest of contrasting Charcoal linen thread, and lined with matching Charcoal kidskin.  This strap has been fitted with our custom 22mm ‘D9’, screw-in, Pre-V buckle.  This strap will  look excellent on any Rolex Submariner and is (I think) and instant classic.

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