Strap Photo from 6Millionrupeeman (Part 1)

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Hi strap lovers.  I am continual amazed and grateful for the wonderful customers that are making my Dangerous9straps dream come to life.  When I started making straps way back in 2010, I could have never guessed how my life would be transformed by running my own business and have a customer base that would be so enthusiastic for my work (of course my work has progressed a lot in the intervening years).  I love making these straps and indeed the whole process, but I will admit that more than anything else, what keeps me going is the excellent feedback that I receive from my wonderful customers and the their warm appreciation for their Dangerous9straps.  This appreciation is not just expressed in words but often in deeds as well, which typically take two forms:

1) Repeat business.  To my mind, nothing is a better indication of the satisfaction of my customers than the fact that many of them re-order straps from me over and over again.  Whether in short succession for the various watches in their collections or years apart to replace their previously ordered Dangerous9straps after years of great service or to just refresh their watch(es) with a new strap – a very substantial percentage of my business represents happy customers continuing our ongoing relationship.   In the best possible sense, they are voting with there wallet, which to me is the gold standard feedback for both my straps and my service.

2) The photographs.  I consider myself to be extremely fortunate for the wonderful photos I receive from my customer of their watches paired with their newly arrived Dangerous9straps.  This enthusiasm and the effort that many of my customers invest to take great photos of their straps often sharing them with me as well as on social media and the various watch forums is a continual source of enjoyment and gratification.

One such customer that has been a great representative for both of the above is my great customer 6Millionrupeeman.  He has ordered a number of bespoke straps as well as a number of straps from our Manufacture Collection for his various watches in his collection and has be very kind to post great photos in his Instagram account.  I must say, his photos have consistently been a cut above the average and reflect both his great taste and adventurous spirit.   He has shown a great eye for colors and combinations made with his straps.  These photos have been so impressive that I think is was high time that I share them here with all of you to keep the positive feedback loop turning.  So long story short here are some awesome photos from an awesome customer in no particular order:

1. Million Dollar Black Alligator with Fully Integrated Fit (FIF):
Ebony from our Swiss Hides Alligator Collection, which I have dubbed our ‘Million Dollar Black’, because every strap I’ve made from these hides look like a million bucks. This strap features padding at the lugs and our ‘Fully Integrated Fit (FIF) upgrades, which includes our ‘Thick Curved Lug System’ (‘TCLS) for an integrated fit between the lugs as well as notching to bring the width of the strap to the outside line of the lugs and is then tapered back to the buckle. This design was inspired by the Rubber-B straps for Rolex SDDS and is challenging to accomplish in leather. Hand saddle stitched with True Blue French Linen and lined with our Bavarian Blue Kidskin, I think this strap is about a perfect match for his Rolex Sea Dweller Deep Sea Deep-Blue dial:

2. Antiqued Tan Ostrich Leg:
This beautifully handmade watch strap from our Manufactured Collection is made from Ostrich Leg skin that his been tanned exclusively for us in Italy. Our Antique Tan Ostrich leg offers a fine medium tan color with a bit of Antiquing, which serves to really bring out the dynamic scale pattern of the Ostrich Leg. This strap features thick padding at the lugs and is lined with super soft and extremely durable Kangaroo gloving leather and is hand saddle stitched with Cream White, French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread. I think this strap looks great on his Tag Heuer special edition ‘Arabic Numerals’ watch:

3. Caramel Brulée Alligator:
What can I say about this excellent combo – it’s just a stunner. Bespoke made from very limited – one of a kind Caramel Brulée from our premium France Croco Alligator Collection this strap features padding at the lugs and hand saddle stitching using pure White French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread. But what really makes amazing combined with his very rare, limited edition Seiko Samuri Yellow is the racing Yellow Sharkskin lining:



4. Safari Tan African Goat from our Safari Collection:
From our Manufacture Collection, this African Goat features heavily textured graining, sourced from heritage British tannery Tusting & Burnett (1938) Ltd. This leather offers and unsealed, natural tan finish, which will darken and patina with time and wear.  Featuring thick padding at the lugs, this strap has been lined with super soft and extremely durable Kangaroo gloving leather and is hand saddle stitched with Cream White, French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread.  I think it looks stellar with his very cool black and Rose Gold Seiko Tuna:

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