Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT

Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT

Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT

Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT – I recently received this note and photos from my good customer Mark about a Swiss Ammo strap which I had made for his Rolex ‘Pepsi’ GMT.  As busy as I have been recently as we head into the holiday, it’s always great to hear from satisfied customs who have been enjoying the straps that I have build for them. He writes:

“you made me a strap for my GMT back in 2015.

I wanted to tell you that it is still going strong and is one of the best purchases I have made.

So far it’s been to the heart of the Amazon in Brazil, all over South America, the Caribbean, Europe, and now Africa.

Thanks for making it for me. I’m enclosing a photo of it on the South Africa / Zambia border.

I regret that I’m a “one watch” person so I can’t order more, but your strap has made it possible.

Thanks again and I hope everything is going well.

Take care


Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT
1967 Swiss Ammo strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT

Much appreciated Mark and I’m so glad to hear that your strap is holding up well and has been a reliable companion through your life’s adventures!  Here is a photo of Mark’s strap when it was new – I think that especially given his adventurous lifestyle, that his strap is holding up remarkably well after 6 years.  Also, it’s great to see that these Rolex watches can really withstand the hard-wearing life for which they were designed, and not just be locked away in a safe by collectors!

And, while the blue linen has faded, the leather has taken on some great patina!  Yours is definitely our ‘Watch of the Week’!

Swiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMTSwiss Ammo Strap for Rolex Pepsi GMT

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