Hello all you wonderful strap lovers out there and thank you for visiting my blog. Today I want to show off some a couple of my most recent caiman straps built for Bell&Ross BR01/BR03 (one with stitching and the other without). These turned out really nice. My personal favorite is the stitchless strap made from the leg of the caiman. I usually don’t go for stitchless straps because 1 – I usually like the look of stitching and think it really compliments nearly every strap and 2 – I enjoy the stitch work; it’s one of my favorite parts of building a strap. But in the case the pattern on the caiman leg skin is so complex and beautiful; I think it would have really detracted from the overall visual presentation of the strap and so no stitching. Have a look and let me know what you think. And thanks for any feedback. As alway, if you are interested in purchasing these straps or any straps you’ve seen in my blog, don’t hestiate to e-mail me right away. Cheers!

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