Hand Antiqued Alligator strap by Dangerous9!!!

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Hi strap lovers. Dangerous9straps is very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer a totally custom hand antiqued American Alligator strap, which will be one of a series of Hand Antiqued Alligator alligator straps. These straps will be built to the same high standards as all Dangerous9 Exotic skin straps, but with the addition of Antiquing that is applied by hand in a multi-stage process that results in the exquisite strap that you see here. we have been experimenting with Antiquing Cognac Caiman since the very beginning of our introduction of that material, however, the hand antiquing process shown here in American Alligator is completely new in that every single scale is individually hand dyed to achieve a finish that truly must be seen to be believed. Given that each strap is individual, based on the individual scale pattern and add to it that each scale of each and every strap will be hand dyed and stained to achieve this incredible finish, these straps with out question will be one of a kind masterpieces of the stapmaker’s art. The prototype strap you see pictured here is called Antique tobacco and has also been upgraded as a “SuperExotica” strap with super fine hand saddle stitched using Chocolate 4 ply Irish waxed linen thread and Ultra Luxury Eel skin lining. In total, these design concepts are only offered by Dangerous9straps. We are committed to offer the very best and most distinctive watch straps on earth! Offering only the very best hand build, hand stitched straps, using only the very finest leathers and exotic skins in the most interesting combinations to make one of a kind custom watch straps. Hand Antiqued American AlligatorSuperExotic” straps from Dangerous9straps: When mere luxury isn’t enough

See the completed strap slide show:

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