2 New Alligator “SuperExotica” straps from Dangerous9straps

Hi strap lovers. I just this past week completed 2 new American Alligator straps as part of the Dangerous9straps’ ‘SuperExotica’ series. The ‘SuperExotic’ strap series represents the pinnacle of my strap making and is the purest expression of design collaboration with my customer. The concept is to design a very special and perhaps one of a kind exotic skin watch strap. Using Exotic leathers for the outside and lining and using ultra fine saddle stitching. These straps are build (like all Dangerous9straps), using the very highest standards and represent my very finest work today with exotic skins.

The First strap was designed in collaboration with my good customer Chris from Scotland for his Tag Heuer Monaco. He was kind enough to give me free reign to develop a design for this strap that was meant to incorporate the square design concept the his Tag Monaco. Using square scale American Alligator I designed his strap with square profile padding instead of my usual high round profile padding. I continued with this design theme by choosing small square scale Alligator for the keeper. My first thought was to use Royal Blue linen for the stitching, but I wanted to tie-in the white sub-dials and markers and so instead chose 4 ply Cream White Irish linen and stitched it using very fine saddle stitching. I knew I wanted to use a very special skin for the lining, and had a very special lining in mind that would pay tribute to the beautiful blue dial of the Tag Heuer Monaco: ‘Deep Blue” Caiman Crocodile. Here I chose to break with the “square” theme of the strap and watch by using the very softest part of the Caiman skin – the Round scale portion, which is most suited to being used for lining. I think that strap turned out incredibly well and I really can’t wait to see photos of it mounted to Chris’s Tag Monaco. This watch is a really grail watch for me and one I hope to be fortunate enough to one day own. If I do ever own a Tag Monaco, I would want to wear it paired with a strap just like the one I built for Chris. Wear it well my friend!

The second strap I want to show is a newly completed black American Alligator strap for my customer Rey from the US. He had originally ordered a Dangerous9 exclusive Antique Mahogany leather strap for his Panerai 111, but after having seen of the exotic skin straps we’ve been doing decided to switch is order to 3 exotic skin straps instead. Among the 3 ordered was this American Alligator strap. It’s a really classic, but with a twist: American Alligator with Cream stitching on the outside and with a beautifully polished custom “D9” logo buckle (that’s the classic) and paired with stunning bone White, round scale South American Caiman crocodile for the lining (that’s the twist). This is really a great looking strap and a real design statement by Rey.

Both Rey and Chris’s straps are no doubt one of kind creations and designed in collaboration with me to create very special straps that are a pure expression our love of watches and the embodiment of bespoken luxury.

Here is the completed strap slide show for Chris’s strap:

Here is the completed strap slide show for Rey’s strap:

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