First – Nile Crocodile for Tag Heuer Carrera

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Hi strap lovers, I want to share with you a Dangerous9strap I just completed for my very good customer for his Tag Heuer Carrera Brown Dial.  It’s our first production using our recently arrived Nicotine Brown Nile Crocodile – which makes a beautiful strap and is a joy to work with.  This strap features our exclusive ‘Thick Curved Lug System’ – designed to curve with hug the shape of the case to give the strap a more integreted look with the watch.  Jason’s strap also features our recently arrived Kangaroo lining in Vintage Whiskey which is as tough and soft and it is beautiful and super fine hand saddle stitching with Ecru 4 ply waxed linen thread.  All in all I think this strap is a real stunner. 

    Here is the full slide show:

dangerousjohn's Jasons Brown Nile Crocodiles for Tag Carrera album on Photobucket

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