latest Kaventsmann Strap from our Soon to be Announed ‘Tucsan Collection’ leathers

When Michael of Kaventsmann Uhren called me last week to produce a ‘one off’ strap for a very special ‘one off’ watch his was building for our customer and mutual friend Joe de Mora, I went right to work to produce this strap from a new (soon to be announced) collection of leather to be know as our ‘Tuscan Collection’.  These fine vegetable tanned leathers are from a tannery in Tuscany and I think are perfect leathers for stout straps to match the Kaventsmann watches.  The leather from this strap has been hand distressed and stained to bring out the beautiful natural texture of the leather.  It’s called ‘Legno di Olivo Anticato’ or Antiqued Olive wood and I think it’s going to look awesome when paired with Joe’s watch. 

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