Matte Finish Orange Stingray for PAM

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Hi strap lovers, Here is a great looking strap I recently completed for a customer’s Panerai that I think is really worth taking a look at.  It’s Emergency Orange Stingray strap with our Special matted finish. Polished Stingray is delivered from our Italian supplier with a high shine finish, which look great but is has a bit too much bling for some guys, who would like to wear a Stingray strap, but without all the sparkle.  Our solution is to sand the surface of the Stingray to a really great matte finish, which lends the finish strap a much more subdued masculine look.  A perfect case in point is this strap in Emergency Orange with thick padding at the lugs and featuring a super soft, yet highly durable black Shark skin lining (which incidentally also looks very cool!!).  Shown here on my PAM243, the matte finish looks great and with not a sparkle or shine in sight.

We currently have the widest selection of Stingray colors we’ve ever offered and also will custom dye Stingray, so if you’re looking for a very special color for your strap check out the link and let us know the color you’re looking for.

dangerousjohn's Stingray skins album on Photobucket

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