Breitling SeaWolf on Unique Vintage Swiss Army Rucksack Canvas and Black leather strap

Hi strap lovers.  This unique design custom vintage Swiss Army Rucksack Canvas and black leather watch strap was actually made to fit a customer’s PAM048, However, since I didn’t have the watch on hand, I decided to model this strap on this Breitling Seawolf for you instead.

I think this turned out to be a really striking combo.  This strap is unique for a couple of reasons.  First, instead of a vintage brown leather that is typically used for these canvas and leather straps, I’ve used a beautiful waxy black leather from our Tuscany Collection, which I think give this strap a great contrast with the vintage Army green and Ecru Linen weave of the Rucksack canvas, especially stitched with our fine French Ecru linen thread.  Second, I have added padding a the lugs, which is a first for this style canvas and leather strap.   The level of detail work and attention to detail required to build and stitch these Rucksack Canvas and leather straps is substantial, requiring nearly and hour to build and stitch just the keeper alone.

I think you’ll agree that the combo is a great one on this Breitling and I’m certain will look equally great on our customer’s PAM048 as well.

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