Dangerous9 Caiman skin for Cartier Santos

The Cartier Santos is a really great watch line for both men and women. I’m particularly fond of the Cartier Santos 100 XL. That watch just has a lot of presence and with the right strap can look like a million bucks. That’s where Dangerous9straps comes in. My good customer Michael recently dropped off his Santo 100 XL along with a Louis Vuitton watch for me to make a couple of straps for (see the result for the LV Tambour in a previous post). We look that the skin chooses, her checks out all the Caiman skins very closely and picks a classic brown. This really delighted me, because I absolutely love this particular brown caiman and one to my great surprise (until Michael) has had the good taste and discernment to order a strap for it yet. Not onnly that he wants me to cut the strap from the skin sideways instead of the way I typically cut a strap from caiman skin, which if longways (along the length of the skin). This is a bold choice – I like bold and he’s impressed me with his sense of style. Anyway, long story short, I’m really very happy with how this strap has turned out and I think it look incredible on the Santos! Michael is happy, I’m happy. If you have a Cartier Santos that could use a strap upgrade, Please let me know.

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