Black Alligator/Red Insert Rally Holes for Chopard

Hi strap lovers. Here is the latest for Dangerous9straps that I think you’ll really love. It’s a black American Alligator belly strap my very good customer Thomas’ Chopard Mille Miglia Grand Turismo LX Power Control, which I think is a stunning watch and certainly deserves to have a stunning strap to go along with it. This strap offers some really great features including nice padding at the lugs, tapering from 23mm at the lugs to 22mm to fit Thomas’ Chopard deployment claps, Rally holes backed with custom dyed red leather inserts. This strap is also upgraded with Dangerous9straps exclusive ‘SuperExotica’ upgrade featuring custom Red Hot Eel skin lining and super fine hand saddle stitching in red 3 ply waxed Irish linen. Taken together, this strap is a very sporting example of our very finest strap making. Dangerous9straps is dedicated to making the worlds finest watch straps. This strap completely handmade using 5 separate layers of leather and is a testament to this single minded dedication.

See the completed strap slide show:

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