New Special Leather and Premium Lining Options

Dakota’ leather
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Hi strap lover’s.  We’ve been out searching the globe to bring you the very best and most interesting leathers for both straps and linings and have come up with some really beautiful new options that I think you’ll love.  First up is our new pebble grain leather that looks for all the world and feels just like bison leather.  It’s very thick and buttery soft as you can see from these photos.  We’re calling it ‘Dakota’ leather and it comes from the tannery in this beautiful light tan color, but can also be dyed to medium and dark brown as well as Olive, Charcoal and Black.  The straps made from this leather will be incredibly soft and supple and have a casual finish with sanded, raw edges
Dakota‘ leather:
Our second new leather that we’re very excited about is our newly arrived ‘Vintage Whiskey’  Kangaroo leather.  I’ve been working with Kangaroo as a lining leather for a while now and think it’s got some really wonderful properties, being extremely tough and durable but also very soft and supple.  It’s no surprise that this leather is used for the most extreme applications such as motorcycle race suites and gloves.  Our Black Kangaroo was most suited for use as lining leathers in our exotic skin straps, but our knew ‘Vintage Whiskey’ Kangaroo has a great color and texture that makes is perfect for outside the strap or as a lining.   The color and taxture of this leather is just stunning and is very soft and with all the qualities of kangaroo leather that we love: supple, extremely moisture tolerant and durablity that can’t be matched.
‘Vintage Whiskey’ Kangaro

Next up is our newly arrived Premium Calf leathers.  These skins are also incredibly soft and durable.  And we’ve got a nice little selection that can be used as either a lining or for the outer strap. In any case these leathers are beautifully smooth and the Olive Drab and Distressed Black show a lot of character.
 (From top to bottom: Distressed Black, Olive Drab and Sunrise Gold)  

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