New Straps for Kaventsmann Triggerfish!!

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New Straps for Kaventsmann Triggerfish!!

New Straps for Kaventsmann Triggerfish!! – Hi strap lovers.  I am very pleased to show off this batch of 15 straps made for my favorite custom watchmaker – Kaventsmann.  Readers of this website know that I’ve been a big fan of Kaventsmann for a while and am the proud owner of a Kaventsmann Bathyal.  I’m very happy to announce that Dangerous9straps has partnered with Kaventsmann to produce straps for their latest limited edition solid Bronze watch – the Triggerfish, which is now ready for release.  The straps are made from our premium 4-5 oz vegetable tanned leather that we’ve hand antiqued, and individually hand stained and dyed with our custom blended Antique Walnut dye (so each strap is really one of a kind) and then hand saddle stitched with Military Green 4 ply waxed Irish linen.   These straps have been heavily conditioned with Obenhauf’s Heavy Duty leather protectant, so they really are as rugged and durable as they look but are still nicely supple for all-day comfort.

The Triggerfish like all Kaventsmann watches are produced in very limited numbers (30 total pieces for the Triggerfish) and are selling fast, so if you’d like to add one to your collection, I strongly encourage you to contact either Michael @ Kaventsmann (for European based customers) or if you’re in North American, contact Joe Demora @ Medora TIME (Kaventsmann’s North American distributor).

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To read more about some of the many straps that I have made for Kaventsmann watches over the years, please follow this link to a list of blog posts: Dangerous9straps for Kaventsmann watches.

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