Swiss Ammo straps for just about any watch

(Cay’s Swiss Ammo for Vintage Rolex Submariner)

Hi strap lovers,  I wanted to share a few recently completed Swiss Ammo straps made for various watches.  Many strap makers build Ammo straps only for Panerai watches and perhaps Bell & Ross watches.  We’re are proud of the fact that we offer our Swiss Ammo straps for just about any sport watch.  Chances are if we can build a strap for your watch, we can build a Swiss Ammo strap for it, as we offer a myriad of of custom details.  Here are a few recently completed completed straps for customers that are for watches that are either not for Panerai or are for Panerai watches with unusual configuration.

Mark’s 1950 Swiss Ammo strap for Omega Planet Ocean:

(Click on any photo to enlarge)

Michel’s 1965 Swiss Ammo for Longines Heritage Avigation:

John’s 1967 Swiss Ammo for Maratac Large Pilot:

Cay’s 1965 Swiss Ammo strap for Rolex Sub:

Ben’s 1965 Swiss Ammo for PAM372 with Notching at the lugs and tapering:

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  1. Hi, can you let me know how I could purchase a Swiss army leather, non taper 20mm for my Omega seamaster diver 300m 2018.
    Kind regards

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