Vintage Blue Stingray Vintage Bulova Tri-Calendar


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Vintage Blue Stingray Vintage Bulova Tri-Calendar:

Vintage Blue Stingray Vintage Bulova Tri-Calendar – Isolde Zondler, my in-law gave me her vintage Bulova Tri-Calendar that was in desperate need of an interesting strap. This is strap strap came up with: It’s vintage denim Stingray that’s been re-polished to give it a very nice shine and padded to give it some ‘pop’ and lined with a custom dyed Eel skin lining. The blue theme just seems right for this watch, gold and blue being a classic combo and also matching the blue of the Day/Night indicator and chronograph hands. I think it looks about perfect with this watch, so we’ll be heading off to Golfclub Beuerberg for a personal delivery tomorrow evening. I hope she likes it.

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