Super Distressed leather in 20mm lug widths – Great handmade leather Watch Strap for Rolex Sub and Omega Speedmaster

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Leather strap for Omega Speedmaster but look equally on Rolex Submariner:

Hi strap lovers.  I want to share with you a great strap from one of our most popular materials for Omega Speedmaster – Our Super Distress leather.  These Handmade leather watch straps were made famous by our very good customer and amazing photographer Bill Bright on his Instagram page and (check out his web design work at  Bill ordered a Super Distress Leather strap for his vintage Omega Speedmaster and has taken some wonderful photos of it (so many, I made a blog post about it), which he kindly posted on line, which resulted in a number of inquires and sales of similar straps.

I think this maybe one of his most iconic photos for his Speedmaster/strap combo:

So it was natural that we would add a 20mm Super Distress Leather strap to the Manufacture Collection.  We’ve only really made a couple of minor modifications to Bill’s original iconic strap:  We’ve added Padding at the lugs, which I think gives the strap even more ‘Pop’ and we’ve changed the thread from butterscotch waxed Irish milled Linen to the finer Ecru , French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread, which I think gives the strap a wider appeal more more models of watches.  And here is the result.  I think this strap looks every bit as great as the original and more than a perfect match for the Speedmaster.  This Omega Speedmaster Professional was kindly loaned to us by our good friends at Herbert Meyer Jewelers in Munich.  If you happen to be in the Munich area, I strongly encourage dropping by for a visit – let them know I sent you and I’m sure they give you a great price!!

Here are the details on the straps we have and what will be on our Dangerous9straps website:

Super Distressed – Crackle finish black: 

[Width: 20/18mm, Length: 125/80mm in stock]
Featuring heavily distressed and cracked finish leather, this strap works wonderfully to give your Omega watch a vintaged look. This strap features thick padding at the lugs and is lined with beautiful Army Green, Tripon-Monterrey Kidskin leather. And hand saddle stitched with ‘out stitching’ at the lugs using Ecru , French Milled, Au Chinois Câblé linen thread, but can be customized with any of our available thread colors.This strap will come fitted with high quality Spring Bars for no additional cost.
This strap is available in limited quantities for immediate purchase: 
Priced at 198  € (exclusive of VAT) (our fully bespoke price for Dirty Denim as optioned would be 282 €  exclusive of VAT, plus shipping)
235.62  € (inclusive of VAT for this within the EU)
This strap will be fitted with our custom ‘D9’ logo, pin buckle with your choice of Brushed or Polished.

As you can see, this strap look insanely good on the Speedy – so much so that I’ve had a devil of a time limiting the number of photos in this post.  Of course, it’s also down to the shear beauty of this classic Speedmaster (to my mind hands down the best looking sports chronograph ever made and a killer bargain to boot!)

The Surprise to me is how great this strap combines with the Rolex Sub.  This strap really highlights the vintage nature of the designs for both of these watches, the designs of which stretch back to the mid-20th century and will, I know, look just as great on vintage versions of these iconic watches as well.

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