9 Newly Arrived Pre-1960’s Swiss Ammo pouches including one from 1917!!

Hi Strap Lovers, I am very happy to announce the arrival of 8 additional Pre 1960’s Swiss Ammo Pouches for you custom strap builds. These Pouches, while dating largely from the 1940’s and 1950’s also include on pouch from 1917 – that’s right 100 years old and dating from WWI !! All these pouches show and excellent range of colors (from very dark mahogany to nearly black), clear stamping and wonderful old world patina. I believe that any of these will make superb watch straps.

If the past is any indication, these pouches will tend to be snapped up fast, so if you see a pouch at you would like for your custom Dangerous9straps project, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away! Simply e-mail me at Dangerous9straps@gmail.com with your watch model, and the pouch number on the tag in the photo and I will rely with pricing and complete design options available for your watch.
If you would like to see a slideshow of some of the Swiss Ammo Straps I have made for all kinds of watches, please click on this link: Custom Swiss Ammo straps by Dangerous9straps.

We have also make a number of Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross watches as well: Custom Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross Watches by Dangerous9straps.

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