Swiss Ammo strap for PAM217

PAM217 on 1964 Swiss Ammo strap
PAM217 on 1964 Swiss Ammo strap


1964 Swiss Ammo Strap for PAM217:  This photo by my good customer @trav11er is just one of my favorite photos and it’s a great advert for our Swiss Ammo straps. I typically don’t make a blog post to feature just a single photo, but this one is so tasty that I just couldn’t!  I had made a blog post a few years ago for the straps that I had made for him, which you can view here: 2 x 1960’s Swiss Ammo straps on 2 very special Panerai watches: PAM233 and PAM217

The PAM217 is a lovely watch and extremely collectible (only 1000 of this model ever made).  If you are interested in shopping for this very rare watch issued by Panerai in 2005, please follow this link: Chrono 24 .com/PAM217

This is just a stunning photo, so I thought I would just draw your attention to if and to list it as our ‘Watch of the Week’.  If you would like me to build a custom Swiss Ammo strap for your watch, please contacting right away.  I have a nice selection of original vintage 1960s Swiss Ammo pouches in stock from which to choose to build your strap.  If you would like to read more about our fully customizable Swiss Ammo straps, Please follow this link to my blog page: Swiss Ammo Watch Straps made by Dangerous9straps

If in addition to the above photo, you would like to read further details about some of the many straps I have made for the Panerai over the years, please follow this link to a blog page relating to custom watch Straps for Panerai.

If you would like me to build this strap for your beloved Panerai or any other watch, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away to begin your custom strap consultation.  You are always welcome to e-mail me at or simply click on the contact button at the to of this blog and complete the brief contact form and I will get back to you right away.  I would be happy to hear from you!

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