Michael’s Rolex GMT on Chocolate Shark

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Hi strap lovers, here is a watch that I’ve been meaning to feature for a while, and I finally found the opportunity. My very good customer Michael had ordered this strap along with an Alligator strap for his Dabey & Schaldenbrand this past fall, but due to his moving around so much, I had not been able to ship it to him for a while. He was kind enough to take these photo of this shark skin mounted up to his Rolex GMT, which I think looks spectacular. This strap is custom dyed chocolate brown. I have a very limited amount of an undyed shark skin left for these custom colored strap, and my supplier tells me he won’t be able to get me more, so if you would like a custom colored shark skin strap, I suggest you contact me right away before it’s gone forever!!

I want to send a big thank you to Michael for these great photos!

Here is the full slide show:

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