Buckles from Finewatchbuckles.com and special offer

Buckles from Finewatchbuckles.com and special offer


Buckles from Finewatchbuckles.com and special offer
Some of the beautiful exotic wood buckles avaiable
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Buckles from Finewatchbuckles.com and special offer:

Buckles from Finewatchbuckles.com and special offer – Hi strap lovers, I’ve been meaning to share these fine watch buckles with you all for a while and give a small review of a section sent down to Munich from Dr. Ingo Woesner the creator behind Finewatchbuckle.com before the Holidays, but my backlog and general busyness has delayed me until now.  I first discovered Finewatchbuckles.com from my good customer Billy Hamadeh (thanks Billy).  It didn’t take long for me to realize that Ingo’s work really spoke to me.  As a lover of fine exotic wood, to combine this with two other of my passions (leather watch straps and watches) was too good to be true.  Contacting Ingo to make arrangements for delivery of Billy’s buckle to be paired with a new watch strap I was making, he was kind enough (and very generous) to send me the large section of buckles you see here for review.  As luck would have it I was in the process of building a large group of prototype straps for my newly released ‘Tuscan Collection’, some of which you see here.  I’ll be getting the Blue sub-Fossilized Bog Oak (2,000 years old) and a Blue-green fossilized  Mammoth Ivory (15,000 years old) buckles to pair with my PAM243 and Kaventsmann Bathyal and probably a couple more or his wonderful wooden ones as well.  I’ve been wearing the Blue-Green Mammoth Ivory for about a month with a ‘Nero’ strap with French Ecru linen accent stitching and I can report that it’s absolutely wonderful on the wrist.  

The first impression of the buckles is that they are pretty bulky, but they are deceptively easy to wear, in that they weigh very little compared to Stainless or bronze and since they’re not made from metal are never cold to the touch.  The finish in these buckles against the wrist is silky smooth with never a sharp corner and a joy to behold.  Paired with the handmade bolts (Damascus steel, Bronze or Mokume Gane)  which were handmade by Maddog here in Germany as well, and a fine quality strap on your favorite watch, I can guarantee you’ll fall in love too.  The buckles you see here, I have in hand currently and can be easily added to your strap order.  If you like the work, but don’t see the buckle you want here, please do yourself a favor and contact Ingo about a custom buckle, he’s got many different and wonderful materials on hand and will be happy to hear from you.  I’ve got mostly 24mm widths here with a few 22mm and 26mm as well.  

So here is the offer, If you buy a Dangerous9 strap from me and one of my in-stock Buckles from Finewatch buckles, I’ll give you a 10 Euro discount off our regular-priced strap.  I’ll be selling these with no markup on my price from Ingo, so this is a great deal.  Most of these buckles will be going back to Ingo soon (I can’t keep them all), so if you see one here you like, contact me right away.  I expect to be receiving new ones on a regular basis.  

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If you would like pricing information or to begin your own custom watch collaboration for your Rolex Datejust or any other of your treasured timepieces, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away to begin your custom strap consultation.  You are always welcome to e-mail me at Dangerous9straps@gmail.com or simply click on the contact button at the top of this blog and complete the brief contact form and I will get back to you right away.  I would be happy to hear from you!

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