Stephan’s PAM288 on Vintaged Pecan Alligator Strap

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I wanted to where some photos me made of our local customer Stephan’s PAM288 on Dangerous9straps Pecan Alligator.  We Made this strap and photographed about a year ago (see the original post to compare) and want to share with you how the strap has patinaed over the past year of wear.  The Pecan Alligator top color finish has turned out to be less stable that we would have hoped and has aged into what’s called in the leather industry as a ‘rub-out’ finish.  This would normally be a cause for concern but after seeing how the strap looks both we and Stephen are very happy with the patina.  He thinks it looks better than when it was new, since now it has some really great character.  I can’t argue with that, I think it looks great after a year’s wear.  Stephan, thank you for bringing your watch over to us to photograph.  Yours is definitely our ‘Watch of the Week’

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