A word about measuring you wrist for a Dangerous9 strap

Measuring your wrist for a watch strap:

Hi strap lovers, we have had a number of instances where my customers have provided me with a wrist measurement that turned out to be incorrect. Interestingly, it seems most guys err on the side of too large. Accuracy here matters, but it seems like a lot of guys have and 8 inch/20 cm wrist. But here’s the thing: Unless you’re well over 200 lbs, it’s unlikely you have a 7 1/2 or 8 inches (I’m 6’2″ and weigh 198 lbs, so I’m a relatively big guy, and my wrist measurement is 6.75 to 7 inches/ 17.5-18 cm – in most instances, my ideal strap length is 130/80 or 125/80mm in length depending on the watch and strap). If you’re 5’9″ and weigh 165 lbs, baring a regrettable wrist deformity,  you definitely don’t have an 8-inch wrist. If you’re 5’8″ tall and weigh 250+ lbs, your wrist maybe 8 inches.

Here is the best way to measure your wrist:

Using a flexible tape measure (sewing type), wrap around your wrist where your watch would go (snug, and with no gaps but not tight).​​

If you don’t have one of these tape measures, you can always do the same with a piece of string and then overlay the length on a tape measure or ruler.

Remember the Carpenter’s Adage: MEASURE TWICE, CUT ONCE!!

Here is a handy chart that I’ve been using for determining your best strap lengths. This chart is designed primarily with larger and thicker Panerai style straps.
Wrist size                                Strap length (Long side/Short side)
6.0″ – 6.5″ (15cm – 16.5cm)….= 115/70
6.6″ – 6.9″ (16.6cm – 17.5cm) = 125/75
7.0″ – 7.5″ (17.6cm – 19cm)… = 130/80
7.6″ – 7.9″ (19.1cm – 20cm)… = 135/85
8.0″ – 8.5″ (20.1cm – 21.5cm) = 140/90
8.6″ – 9.0″ (21.6cm – 23cm)… = 150/100

Please note: If I’m building a thinner dress type watch strap, I may recommend a shorter strap length. If your strap is going to be paired with one of our aftermarket deployment clasps, I will recommend your strap be shorter than what is recommended here. If you’ll be using an Omega, Tag Heuer or Breitling style deployment clasp where the long end tucks to the inside of the wrist, then the proportions of the long side/short side strap will also be completely different as well. As you know all Dangerous9straps are bespoke made and the length I recommend for your strap is designed to provide a good fit based upon the wrist measurement you provide. If you tell me your wrist is 7.5 inches, and your wrist measurement is actually 6.5 inches, most likely the strap I make for you won’t fit properly or won’t fit you at all!!  In most instances, once your strap is made and it does not fit, I won’t be able to change the length of your strap,  When you order, and pay for your strap, you are accepting that your strap will be built to the length as indicated on your invoice.  If the strap is made too long or too short, in most instances changes cannot be made.

* I will not re-build your strap for free.  * If your strap can be adjusted, I will not do this work for free – I will charge you for my shop time and return shipping.  

Since most of my orders are taken via e-mail, I’m really relying on you, my customer to provide me an accurate, honest wrist measurement.  Come on guys, you can do this!!

1 thought on “A word about measuring you wrist for a Dangerous9 strap”

  1. This is an interesting topic because I have had custom straps made by various other strap makers and they almost always suggest you err on the side of longer rather than exact. I have found this tends to be a preference point, especially among Panerai enthusiasts. This may suggest why some of us tend to give longer length specs. I, myself, do not prefer a tag end that wraps all the way around to the watch head so I can appreciate what is being said here.

    Hope to you work with you on a strap project soon. Just going back and forth trying to settle on a material and style at the moment.

    Thanks for the straight forward language and wealth of information on your blog.


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