Dangerous9straps – The Making of video!!

Hi strap lovers, I’m very excited to share our first every Dangerous9straps video!!  This shows me build a custom Dangerous9strap from start to finish so you can see the full process that goes into building your custom Dangerous9strap.  This strap features Tobacco Ostrich leg skin, custom dyed Eel skin and French linen thread.  This video took about a full day to shoot and many more hours of hard work to on the part of the following wonderful people:

I want to thank send out a big thank you to:
Artjom Koenig for directing and editing this great video.
Paul Powaljaew for his great camera work.
Jules Kamlbacher for his wonderful music composition and performance.
and of course
Andrea Zondler, my lovely wife and producer of this video and without whom most good things in my life would not be possible.

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