Stunning Vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava on Pearl Blue Alligator

One of my favorite thinks about Patek Philippe is their attention to detail.  Case in point: this beautifully designed and finished solid gold deployment clasp:
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Vintage Patek Philippe Calatrava on Custom Alligator watch strap:

Hi strap lovers.  I am very happy to share these photos of my local customer’s beautiful Patek Philippe Calatrava on a very special Pearl Blue Alligator strap.  This strap makes for such a happy combo especially when compared to the black and brown Alligator straps that these watches are often paired with.  The silvery pearlized Baby blue Alligator is finished with custom blended matching edge paint and hand saddle stitched with our True Blue French Linen thread and lined with Arctic blue Kidskin lining.  I think it’s an absolutely stunning combo.  This strap is certainly our ‘Watch of the Week’!

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