Newly Arrived: 20 x 1960’s Swiss Ammo Pouches for Your Custom leather watch Strap!

Hi Strap Lovers, I am very happy to announce the arrival of 20 additional 1960’s Swiss Ammo Pouches for you custom leather watch strap builds. These Pouches, while all dating from the mid-1960’s show an excellent range of colors (ranging from light tan to deep mahogany), clear stamping and stages of patina. I believe that any of these will make superb watch straps.

If the past is any indication, these pouches will tend to be snapped up fast, so if you se a pouch at you would like for your custom Dangerous9straps project, please don’t hesitate to contact me right away! Simply e-mail me at with your watch model, and the pouch number on the tag in the photo and I will rely with pricing and complete design options available for your watch.
If you would like to see a slideshow of some of the Swiss Ammo Straps I have made for all kinds of watches, please click on this link: Custom Swiss Ammo straps by Dangerous9straps.

We have also make a number of Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross watches as well: Custom Swiss Ammo straps for Bell & Ross Watches by Dangerous9straps.

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