Classic post revisited – Stephan’s PAM343 on 1953 Swiss Ammo strap

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Hi strap lovers,
This is a classic post from the past that looking at it deserved to be boosted.  Even after more that 5 years, I think this PAM343 and Swiss Ammo strap is a classic combo.  Enjoy…

When Stephan contacted be to build a Swiss Ammo strap for his beautiful Panerai 343, I was very happy to hear from him, as we had build a black stingray strap for his PAM343 in the year previous for which he’d provided some great photos and I was keen on getting a more from him this time with his watch mounted up with a Dangerous9straps’ Swiss Ammo. Of course Stephan didn’t disappoint with his photos and I think he choose a really great design: tapering nicely from 27mm at the lugs to 22mm at the buckle and with just accent stitching in black 4 ply waxed Irish linen, this strap shows elegance of design while at the same time highlighting the rugged patina of the 1953 Swiss Ammo pouch. Paired with his rare and beautiful PAM343, to me this strap and watch make for just about a perfect combination. Thanks Stephan for these great photos and your continuing business!

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