Classic Breguet 5207 on Denim Grey Ostrich leg skin strap with Silver stitching

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Hi strap lovers.  This is the second strap is had the pleasure of making for my local customer’s stunning Breguet 5207 and I must say, having had the opportunity to spend more time with the beauty, I find myself more enamored that before. In white gold with power reserve at top and jumping seconds hand at bottom together with it’s wonderfully textured silver hobnail dial and coin edge case, it is one of the most beautiful watches ever.  This watch is no study in minimalist design, which suits me just fine.  Because, while I appreciate minimalist design philosophy, In real life, I find myself more naturally attracted to intricate,  complex design elements working in together to achieve a balance, harmonious whole.  The Breguet 5207 does this in spades and so is perfectly matched with a watch strap which has enough intricacy in texture and pattern, not to compete with, but to balance and sustain the complex design elements of  the watch.  It’s truly a feast for the eyes.  How could one not be memorized by its beautiful little details and it jumping second hand.  It’s symphony in 60 second increments.

My customer chose this time to have his strap to be made from Denim Grey Ostrich Leg skin (a beautiful color and in very limited supply), which has a highly textured, intricate scale pattern, but with a muted, subdued color palette.  This enhances rather than completes with the subtle white, silvers and grays of the watch.  Paired with delicate silver metallic stitching, which really harmonizes with the beautiful white gold case and silver dial.  Lined with our super soft and supremely durable black Kangaroo glove leather lining with a ‘bok’ imprint pattern, I think this combination is every bit as striking for it’s subtly as the first strap I had made last year in Black Row Stone Stingray was for it’s bold contrasts.

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