Newly Arrived: Saint Lucia Re-stock and Deep Blue from France Croco

(Deep Blue)
(Saint Lucia Bleu)

Having just received a shipment of new Alligator hides from our premium Alligator supplier Franch Croco, we picked this new batch on a visit to their warehouse this past May on the way to a family holiday to Elba Italy.  I’ll be featuring more of these in the coming weeks, but for now the ones I am most excited about our having found the very last of the ‘Saint Lucia Bleu‘ they have in stock, which was a complete surprise, as I had thought we had bought the last of that color more than a year ago!!  I’ve only got one small hide of this, so if you’ve been admiring this color, order now because this is really well and truly the last of their stock and perhaps enough for 8-10 straps.

Also, our newest color from them, this wonderful ‘Bleu profond‘ or ‘Deep Blue’.  I have been on the hunt for a dark blue Alligator for a while and I think this is just the perfect color I have been looking for.  I’ve only got 2 of these hides, which will be enough for perhaps 20 straps, so if you are interested, don’t hesitate – as I think is also going to be quickly spoken for.

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