Rolex Deepsea on SuperMatte Black Lizard strap

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Rolex Deepsea on SuperMatte Black Lizard strap:

Rolex Deepsea on SuperMatte Black Lizard strap – Very excited to share these great photos from my long time customer Vincenzo of his Rolex SDDS D-blue on his newly arrived SuperMatte Teju Lizard strap with padding at the lugs and our ‘Fully Integrated Fit’ (FIF). The Rolex SDDS watches look particularly great with our integrated strap fitment, as the gap between the standard straight end strap and the watch case is quite large on the SDDS. I currently offer two options with integrated fit, our ‘Thick Curved Lug System’ (TCLS), which provides an integrated strap fit between the lugs and our ‘Fully Integrated Fit’ (FIF), which includes and TCLS and also is notched at the lugs bringing the strap width to 26.5mm at the lugs and then tapering back to your buckle of choice. This strap design was inspired by the Rubber B watch straps for Rolex Deep Sea and is very challenging to accomplish in leather.  Here is a slideshow of some of the many straps I have made for the Rolex SDDS.

I have made a number of iterations of this strap for the Rolex SDDS in SuperMatte Carbon Black – this version is in Teju Lizard, but I think the SuperMatte Carbon Black Alligator and our newly arrived SuperMatte Carbon Black Ostrich would look equally great.  This strap has been hand saddle stitched with True Blue French milled linen thread.  This strap also features our exclusive blue SuperMatte Teju Lizard lining, which not only looks very cool but adds extreme durability since the SuperMatte finish is essentially water and sweatproof.  I would expect a moisture-proof lining to add many years of service to any leather watch strap since moisture absorption through the lining is a great weakness of leather watch straps.

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